A powerful method to clear your way to freedom and bring needed change into your lives.  Used along with the Andara this brings major shifts leading to
true en-lighten-ment.

    How to Use Soul Oils:

  • Breathe in the scent of the oil at least 3 times each day; when
    you rise, in the afternoon and before you go to sleep at night.
    Whenever you feel the need to breathe in the scent and its
    power you may do so.

  • Place a drop on your heart chakra and one on your solar      
    plexus the 3rd chakra each day. (Core Fear Oil - Place on the
    navel 2nd Chakra every day as well as the chakras already
    mentioned above.)

  • Use it in meditation, breathing in the scent and calling for a       
    release of all old programs.  This is a excellent way to bring     
    about a quick release and create the opening for the new     

    *Not for internal use.
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Acceptance Mark
Core Love
1/2 oz.
Overcomes lack of concentration, fear of failure, inconsideration, financial instability, self-importance, hypocrisy, rage, uncontrolable emotion, / unites heart and thymus chakras that bring all other chakras into alighment by centering the emotional body / fills the space left by Core Fear Removal.
Core Fear Removal
1/2 oz.
Overcomes anti-social behavior and health issues / allows all orders of Angels to work with us as teachers and guides / breaks all negative contracts.